Brownfield Redevelopment Strategy

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With a burgeoning trend to reduce our environmental impact, communities want to centralize and densify development, and limit urban sprawl. Brownfield sites are under-utilized industrial or commercial properties that may or may not have been contaminated by previous uses. Costs to clean up these sites can be compensated for via City incentives, thereby allowing the investor to reap much greater rewards than developing on a greenfield site. Redevelopment of existing town centre brownfield sites makes sense in so many ways:

  • Great Location: Location is one of the key factors that makes a site profitable.
  • Increased Property Values: Turn an undervalued brownfield site into a profitable venture. Redevelop and reap the rewards of increased property values
  • Reuse Existing Infrastructure: Roads, sewer, cable, and other utilities often don't need redevelopment, thereby creating cost savings.
  • Increased Economic Spin-offs: Revitalization attracts more residents and employers, thereby also increasing market demand and projected return on investment.

Recognizing a nationwide trend to promote Brownfield Redevelopment, the City of Langley embarked on a Brownfield Redevelopment Strategy that details how the City can work with developers to make brownfield development attractive to investors.

Colliers International cites this project as the "FIRST OF ITS KIND IN BC."

The City of Langley is leading the way in brownfield redevelopment.


Click here to view the Brownfield Redevelopment Strategy
Gerald Minchuk, MCIP
Director of Development Services & Economic Development
Tel: 604-514-2815| Email:


"Experience in the U.S. has demonstrated that brownfield cleanup and redevelopment often leads to property value increases of 5% to 15% in the area surrounding the site up to 1.2 km away. There are documented cases where “impact” projects, usually involving change from industrial use to parks or mixed use (residential/commercial), have had much higher impacts on property values, even exceeding 100%."

Brownfield Renewal BC

"We built a very successful $50M project which included 220 condominium and town home suites called Paddington Station […] Without the support of Mayor Fassbender and Gerald Minchuk, we would not have undertaken this successful [brownfield] project."

Peter Warkentin
CEO, Quadra Homes

"In partnership with the City, Anthem has seen two former brownfield sites redeveloped into two of Langley's busiest shopping destinations: Fraser Crossing Shopping Centre and the Langley Power Center. The City of Langley has repeatedly shown its ability to work with business to develop a variety of thriving commercial, retail and residential projects."

Eric Carlson, President
Anthem Properties Group Ltd.

"The City of Langley has demonstrated great leadership by being the first local government in British Columbia to develop a brownfield redevelopment strategy. The Brownfield Redevelopment Strategy [...] showcases the important role that a municipality can play in reducing urban sprawl by directing development towards under-utilized properties."

Stephanie Bohdanow, Program Officer, Knowledge Services
Federation of Canadian Municipalities

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