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Nicomekl River District Neighbourhood Plan

Nicomekl River District Neighbourhood Plan

***July 2020 Update: In March 2020, a public open house was held to present key directions and proposals for the Nicomekl Plan area.   The public open house boards and a summary of feedback from this open house can be found in the ‘Develop Policy Items’ drop down menu below***

Langley City is growing, and the Nexus of Community vision aspires to shape our community into a more walkable, livable, and sustainable place for all residents! To do this, we’re creating a Nicomekl River Neighbourhood Plan which will guide land use change, development, and public space improvements in the area.

Why the Nicomekl River?

The word Nicomekl is from the Halq’emeylem language used by the Sto:lo people, meaning “the route to go” or “the pathway.” As Langley City continues to grow and develop along both river banks, the presence and value of this beautiful ecological feature can be enhanced. A Neighbourhood Plan can help make the river more visible, accessible, and attractive to the broader community. Few places within the City offer such a diverse and rich opportunity for placemaking and neighbourhood design!

What is the Process?

We are following a 3 phase process to create the Nicomekl River Neighbourhood Plan, and we anticipate completing the plan by March 2020.



Phase 1 is now complete! Over the course of this phase, we reached out to the community to hear what you have to say. We introduced key issues and trends and facilitated a workshop and open house to develop a collection of big ideas. These will help inform the neighbourhood plan as we move into Phase 2 where we’ll test the feasibility of the ideas and engage even more community members.

Thank you to all those who participated in the June 25th Design Workshop and June 26th Open House! More opportunities to get involved will be available in Fall 2019.

To learn more about what we’ve accomplished so far, here are some key documents created during this phase:

Here are a few snapshots from the two days of engagement activities:


Phase 2 is a deep-dive phase, where we explore ideas, themes, and principles in more detail using a variety of engagement activities. Consensus starts to emerge on key topics to guide the development of a draft neighbourhood plan.

The Nicomekl River District is home to burgeoning neighbourhoods, rich cultural heritage and a thriving ecological playground. This place is our home, and as it changes, The Nexus of Community vision aims to build on current community strengths to enhance what we have and to integrate community feedback for a more vibrant, sustainable future.

March 2020 Open House

Engagement at the March 2020 Open House revealed support for ecological restoration projects, including protecting salmon habitat, providing more trees and shade, and reducing and managing non-native reed canary grasses, to strengthen the resilience of the Nicomekl River floodplain.

Support was also noted for amenities such as a lookout tower, interpretive elements and signage, a walkway in the southwest of the floodplain, and a children’s adventure play area by Portage Park, as long as they don’t disturb wildlife habitat or cause privacy concerns for nearby properties.

View the open house boards and a summary of feedback from the open house!



Phase 3 is all about drafting the Neighbourhood Plan. There will be a final opportunity for residents to provide feedback to ensure the neighbourhood plan reflects the vision and aspirations of the community.

Stay tuned for event information!