B-NET Free WiFi

The City of Langley is deploying a free Internet hotspot system called B‐NET that will be a great amenity benefitting businesses, citizens and visitors alike. Those with smartphones, tablets and mobile computers will be able to move seamlessly through the B‐NET coverage area without Internet disruption. We will use web sites, signs, stickers and other marketing materials to promote the B‐NET Free WiFi Zone and draw people into coverage areas.

You may be aware that other municipalities have rolled‐out WiFi access at the cost of tens of thousands of dollars. The B‐NET system cost less than $200 per access point (AP) and we anticipate needing a dozen AP’s to WiFi part of our downtown core. To achieve this goal we will need merchant partners to provide Internet access and allow us to install AP’s on the outside of their buildings. If you are interested in this partnership opportunity please read our letter to merchants.

At this time there are B-NET Free WiFi Zones around City facilities as per the map below.

Attention Municipalities

The City of Langley has pioneered a method of implementing public WiFi at a fraction of the cost of deploying “carrier-grade” systems.

Please see our Implementing Low-Cost Public WiFi guide if you are interested in implementing WiFi in your jurisdiction.

Safety of Wi-Fi

Read Health Canada's brochure on the safety of WiFi

b-net locations