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Baldi Creek Culvert Replacement


The City has hired a contractor to replace a culvert near 53 Avenue in the 19800 block which is part of the Baldi Creek system.  Over the past few years residents have witnessed a back-up of the creek at this location during high rain fall.  It was determined that the old wood culvert under the trail was undersized, so the City is putting in two new culverts to increase the conveyance capacity.

Dates: August 14 to end of September 2017

Times: 7am-5pm, Monday - Friday

Location: see map below

Noise: A generator and pump to keep the creek flowing around the work area 24 hours a day.  There are noise limits we put in the contract to ensure the noise isn't disruptive to the neighbours. 

Traffic: Traffic control in place on 53 Avenue. Minimal traffic impacts are anticipated.

Environmental: The contractor is working under the supervision of a qualified environmental professional with an environmental management plan which has been approved by the appropriate provincial/federal authorities. A fish capture and release ensured that the resident fish were not negatively impacted by the construction.  A restoration and environmental compensation plan is in place to complete the project. 

Within this project, the City will also be removing an old culvert beside the gravel parking lot and restoring the creek bed at that location. This will enhance the fish habitat for Baldi Creek - and the existing pathway will be re-routed for trail users. 

Once the culvert construciton is complete, the contractor restore the pathways, stabilize slopes and then they will come back to complete the plantings - subject to weather at the end of September when the plantings have a better chance of survival.

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