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Fire Hazard Rating Raised to Extreme


For Immediate Release

Let's Work Together to Keep Langley City Safe this Summer!

Langley City, BC – Weather has a significant impact on wildfires –how they start and how they spread. With very little rainfall, coupled with extremely hot temperatures, the southern coastal area of British Columbia has been categorized as an extreme fire hazard rating.

The ongoing dry spell this summer has the Langley City Fire Rescue Service department responding to multiple fires related to dry grass and vegetation. Please help us by doing your part in keeping Langley City safe during these extreme conditions:

  • No smoking or vaping along the trails or in the parks. Cigarette butts improperly discarded have been one of the leading causes of these fires.
  • Only propane BBQs can be used in designated areas of certain parks but look for signs that may prohibit this due to the dry conditions.
  • Any open fires, including campfires in your back yard and in public spaces, are not allowed at any time. With the dry conditions, a flame or falling ember could easily ignite the ground.
  • Don't park your vehicle, motorbike, or gas-powered bicycle on or near dry grass.
  • Make sure your gas-powered tools and equipment are working properly as they won't overheat or cause sparks.
  • If you see a fire or any burning, call 911 right away.

Keep your home safe and fire smart by:

  • Clearing dried vegetation from around your house.
  • Cleaning your roof and gutters.
  • Cleaning dried leaves out from under decks.
  • Trimming dead branches from your trees.
  • Move any firewood and propane cylinders at least 10m from your home.
  • Do not dispose of cigarette butts into balcony planters or outside areas with bark mulch. Use only approved containers.

We are going to see elevated temperatures in the Langleys again. Heatwaves can be hard on everyone. Let's work together to keep Langley City safe this summer!

For tips on keeping cool and safe during this heatwave visit:


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