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High Water Use in Langley City - Reduce Water Consumption


The Metro Vancouver region has been experiencing hot and dry weather since mid-June, including a record-breaking heat dome. Data shows that water use spiked to 1.8 Billion Litres per Day (BL/D) during the heat dome, but the region is still maintaining unusually high water use trends despite having had more seasonable temperatures since the heatwave. Since mid-June, the high water use in the region has been 26% higher than in the same period last year.

In a recent analysis of the region’s current water consumption, Metro Vancouver has noted that the City of Langley has been showing higher than normal water demand through this hot and dry period and its water demand is trending even higher than the water use trends recorded during the 2015 drought.  Although the region’s current water supply is expected to last until fall, thanks to a higher than usual snowpack from this past winter, we would like to encourage our residents to consider additional ways to reduce water consumption and help the region conserve drinking water and meet its water conservation goals.

Thank you for your efforts to date and for your continued attention to this matter.