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Hunter Park Redevelopment Almost Complete


Transforming Neighbourhood through Parks

Press Release

Langley City, British Columbia – Work is well underway with the redevelopment of Hunter Park after the removal of over 100 trees due to a disease that is known as Laminated Root Rot. Since the park trees were cleared away, Langley City Parks Department has eliminated debris, graded and prepped the area, seeded the grass, planted new trees and installed new pathways.

One of the unique features of the redeveloped park is the soon-to-be-completed new fencing and arbour which was made from the logs removed from the park. Picnic tables will also be installed. 

Laminated Root Rot is the most prominent disease of Douglas-fir trees in coastal coniferous forests throughout British Columbia. The disease spreads primarily by root contact and can attack and gradually kill trees throughout their life cycle. Infected trees can topple because of lack of roots. The disease progressed thru the park over a number of years, and the park had numerous trees fall before samples were sent to the lab to confirm the disease.

“It was devastating to lose some many trees in the park,” explained Geoff Mallory, Manager of Parks Operation. “It completely changed the neighbourhood; however, the redevelopment of the park is coming together, transforming the area and the local community is using the park more than ever before.”

For more information, contact Geoff Mallory, Manager of Park Operations at 604.514.2912 or



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