Zoning Bylaw

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Draft Zoning Bylaw No. 3000

The City of Langley has prepared a new zoning bylaw to replace Zoning Bylaw No. 2100 which was adopted on June 10, 1996. The draft bylaw incorporates a number of changes to format and content intended to modernize the City’s land use regulations to better meet contemporary needs. Significant content changes from existing land use regulations include:

Land Use Contracts – elimination of all land use contracts in the City of Langley in accordance with the “early termination” provisions of the Local Government Act

CD Zones and Bylaw No. 950 Zones – elimination of all existing comprehensive development (CD) zones and Zoning Bylaw No. 950 zones with affected properties rezoned to best fit standard zones

Multifamily Residential Zones – revised provisions for building siting, massing, height, amenity space, balconies, adaptable housing and fee simple rowhouses

Single Family Residential Zones – new or revised provisions for minimum house size, accessory building size, impervious surface area, recreational vehicle parking and corner lot sight triangle

Sustainable Development – new provisions for electric vehicle parking, parking space shading, impervious surface areas, landscaping soil depth

Riparian Area Setbacks – addition of simple assessment setbacks from the Riparian Areas Regulation

New Zones - addition of C4, C5 commercial zones and P3, P4 institutional zones

Zoning Map – revised map reflecting elimination of CD zones and Bylaw No. 950 zones and addition of new commercial and institutional zones



Current Bylaw 

The City of Langley adopted "Zoning Bylaw, 1996, No. 2100" on June 10, 1996. The Zoning Bylaw is intended to help implement the goals, objectives and policies of the Official Community Plan through the regulation of land use, development and parking in the City.

The following electronic version is provided for convenience only and is not an official copy of the bylaw. For detailed information on the Zoning Bylaw, please contact the Development Services Department.

Zoning Bylaw, 1996, No. 2100 (November 1, 2017 Consolidation)

Schedule "A" - Zoning Map (December 4, 2017)