Production Way Project

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In 2015 City staff and Council received a request from one of the property owners on Production Way to have sidewalk, street lighting and an urban streetscape on Production Way to make it more safe and attractive to businesses.  In the City’s 20 Year Asset Renewal Plan, future road and utility works on Production Way are not planned until 2033.  This plan is based on the age and condition of the existing infrastructure along with the relative age and conditions all other roads in the City.  For this reason, it was suggested that this project could be advanced if funded through a Local Area Services Program (LAS), to have the benefiting property owners cost share with the City to advance the project. 

What is a Local Area Service Program?

  • A Local Area Service is a municipal service that is to be paid for in whole or in part by a local service tax under section 216 of the Community Charter.
  • The duration of the payback period will be dependent on the nature of the Local Area Service undertaken and the total estimated cost for the work (ie. between 5 to 20 years).
  • A typical Local Area Service cost sharing formula would be 60% paid by the City/and 40% paid by the affected residents (plus interest) for all types of Local Area Services, including, but not limited to, ditch closure, curb & gutter, concrete sidewalk, street lighting, lane paving, and road paving.  The percentage cost sharing may be altered by City Council depending on the scope and extent of the local area service to be undertaken.

Where are we at in the process?

Through the 2016 Budget, Council authorized staff to begin the design process on Production Way, to get a more certain idea of costs and property impacts, and to gather property owner feedback on the proposed upgrades to gauge support for the LAS. 

What are the next steps?

Please complete the informal survey and provide your feedback. The presentation display boards and a copy of this summary and survey will be available on the City website to obtain feedback from property owners along Production Way who were not able to attend the presentation.  Once all the feedback has been received, the results will be summarized in a report to City Council. Based on the feedback and review of other budget priorities for 2017, Council may decide to fund the project as a Local Area Services Program - with the next step being a formal petition of property owners, or they may choose to defer the project, or seek out other funding sources.  We will then communicate the decision to the property owners.

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