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Strategic Plan

The current 2017-2021 Strategic Plan is set to expire at the end of this year. City Council had initially planned to develop a new five-year strategic plan in early 2021; however, the COVID-19 pandemic has altered that plan and City Council created an "interim" strategic plan to take Langley City through the COVID-19 recovery phase. The Interim Strategic Plan 2021-2022 Roadmap demonstrates that the City cares and understands the unique challenges we face as a community and is taking action by focusing on programs and initiatives that benefit Langley City residents and businesses.

The City’s current Vision, Mision, Values, and Full-Circle Customer Service remain integral to the successful delivery of the programs and initiatives in the “interim” strategic plan. City Council also identified the following key guiding principles for the Interim Strategic Plan:

  • Create a sense of comfort
  • Focus on quality of life – affordable housing, environment, community, walkable neighbourhood, pedestrian/cycling friendly streets
  • Coordinate the plans and track regularly
  • Seek new funding sources
  • Develop partnerships
  • Demonstrate leadership
  • Support staff
  • Project a positive image of the community
  • Communicate

City Council intends to initiate the process of developing a new five-year strategic plan when we are well into Step 4 of the BC Restart Plan (earliest start date September 7, 2021) and return to normalcy.