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BC Snow Update: Priority Routes, Parks, Trails and Pathways


Snow is expected to continue throughout the region and into Sunday. Road conditions are slippery so please travel with caution.

The Snow Control Priority Map illustrates how the City’s Operations Divisions prioritizes their road clearing efforts and the Sidewalk and Parking Lot Snow Removal Map demonstrates all of the other City’s snow clearing priorities. Crews are working hard to clear priority 1 & 2 routes and will move on to other priority routes when clear. Parks, trails and pathways are closed as they are covered in snow. 

To help the keep roads and sidewalks safe this season, please park in a driveway or parking lot rather than on the street (whenever possible) to make way for snow plow equipment.

  • When shovelling snow, pile it onto your property instead of on the road or sidewalk.
  • Place garbage containers in cleared areas - not on snow piles.
  • Clear snow and ice away from catch basins to allow water from melting snow and ice to flow freely into storm sewers.

Due to the colder weather, we are also experiencing a higher level of pot holes. If you see a pot hole, we encourage users of the roads to complete a Request for Service on the City’s website at The extreme winter weather is rare in this region, and the City of Langley will continue to proactively and aggressively provide a high-level of service for municipal road users, municipal park sidewalks and parking lots during these extended wintertime conditions. For any questions or concerns, please email

We also encourage residents to be a good neighbour and clear your sidewalks and perimeter drains. We encourage snow angels to please assist any neighbours that may need it.