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City Council adopts new Parks Master Plans


On July 25, 2016, City Council adopted the City Park Master Plan and the Buckley and Penzer Park Master Plan. The master plan for each park takes into consideration the sites existing characteristics and further develops the park in three zones.  At Buckley and Penzer Park, this includes the multi-use playfields on the west end, the naturalistic landscape in the centre between area and the youth oriented plaza to augment the bike park at the east end of Penzer Park.  City Park Master Plan includes enhancements to the Fields at the South End, integrates riparian enhancement and amenities for family recreation such as enhanced playground, waterpark and picnicking facilities in the center, and supports baseball at the north end. Overall, the master plans are designed to address the future demands of the community and respect the surrounding residential uses and compliment the City of Langley parks network on a broad scale.

The Master Plan documents can be downloaded for viewing here:

City Park Master Plan

Penzer and Buckley Parks Master Plan

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