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City Council Endorses the Langley Homelessness Strategic Plan


For Immediate Release

Langley, BC – Langley City Council has endorsed the Langley Homelessness Strategic Plan (“Plan”) at its Regular Council meeting on April 25, 2016.  The Plan was created by the City of Langley Homelessness Task Force, which was comprised of representatives from local service providers including BC Housing, Fraser Health Authority, two Councillors representing the Township of Langley, community-based agencies and non-profit societies, and the Langley RCMP.  With all stakeholders present, the goal was to develop strategies and prioritize action plans that address homelessness in the City. 

The Langley Homelessness Task Force developed 19 strategies that are broken into four categories: Collaboration and Capacity Building Strategies, Housing Strategies, Homelessness Prevention Strategies, and Inclusive Community and Service Strategies. These four categories provide clear guidance and direction to City Council and its partners in supporting this vulnerable population.  The Task Force identified a set of top priorities from the strategies to implement based on urgency of needs and projects that could have the greatest impact on addressing and preventing homelessness, including:

1. Create a Partnership Agreement Between the City of Langley and Township of Langley

2. Form a Homelessness Action Table

3. Form a Homelessness Integration Team

4. Increase the Number of Rent Supplements in Langley

5. Support Integrated Intervention Approaches in Housing and Health

6. Form a Fraser Valley Homelessness Table

Councillor Gayle Martin, who served as the Chair of Task Force, said, “Collaboration between these partners is essential for implementing the strategies of the Homelessness Strategic Plan.”

“While the plan provides a framework to guide decisions about homelessness issues, it is critical to note that the strategic plan alone will not solve homelessness in the community,” said Mayor Ted Schaffer.  The Plan recognizes that many of the recommended strategies are outside the City of Langley’s purview, and the role of the City is to advocate senior levels of government and those organizations that can bring about positive results.  Collaboration will be the key moving forward.

The mandate of the Langley Homelessness Task Force has now been fulfilled with the completion of the Langley Homelessness Strategic Plan.  Councillor Martin said, “On behalf of Langley City Council, we would like to extend a sincere thanks to each member of the Task Force for their time, effort and dedication.” 

The Plan will now be forwarded to the City of Langley Public Safety Advisory Committee whose role will be to review the measurable outcomes that were identified as high priority and determine an implementation plan moving forward.

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For more information contact:

Samantha Paulson
Communications Officer
City of Langley