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The Future of Tourism in the City


City Council Reconsiders the Delivery of Tourism Services

For Immediate Release

Langley, BC – Langley City Council has been observing the ongoing discussion between the Township of Langley and Tourism Langley about the possibility of creating a Township-centric tourism body.

Tourism Langley is predominately funded through a 2% Municipal and Regional District Tax (MRDT) collected from designated accommodation areas, such as hotels and motels and by the City and Township of Langley through a ‘fee for service’. In 2016, the revenue generated from the MRDT tax was $135,000 from Langley City accommodations and $315,000 from Langley Township accommodations.  In the same year, the fee for service the City and the Township of Langley contributed $15,270 and $51,000 respectively to the overall 2016 Tourism Langley budget.  

“The creation of Tourism Langley was based on the premise that it is a Tourism industry led organization because its primary funding source is MRDT.  To this end, the City continues to respect and subscribe to a governance structure that is at arm’s length from political influence. It is through this separation that decisions can be made that benefit the entire tourism industry in Langley,” said Langley City Councillor, Gayle Martin, City Liaison to Tourism Langley.  

Although the vote on the dissolution of Tourism Langley as the dedicated tourism marketing entity for the Langleys received 56% of the total votes at the Special General Meeting of its stakeholders on March 2, 2017, the motion failed because it did not meet the two-thirds approval requirement.  The votes, however, did demonstrate that the majority of the stakeholders support the motion to dissolve Tourism Langley.  The City is concerned that this divide will plague the governance and operation of Tourism Langley moving forward and the conditions imposed by the Township of Langley will indeed create a Township-centric tourism body which will not serve the tourism industry stakeholders within the City.     

The uncertainty of the future of Tourism Langley has led Langley City Council to reconsider the delivery of tourism services in the City.  Mayor Ted Schaffer stated that “the City will explore its options regarding the provision of tourism service for the City which could include the creation of a new tourism service delivery model and service provider.”  




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