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Langley City Launches New Corporate Brand


Refreshing the City's Image as "The Place to Be"

Public Service Announcement 

May 12, 2017

Langley City, BC – The City of Langley recognized the need to develop a new and modern corporate branding strategy that reflects the City as it stands today and embraces its aspirations for the future: an active and vibrant urban hub with progressive residential development, growing demand as a tourist destination and place to foster small business enterprise; all while still maintaining its unique charm and character.

To set the City of Langley apart from surrounding municipalities in the region, consultants were tasked with finding the City’s uniqueness, then use that distinction to set up a strong brand position and identity that supports a platform for innovative growth that resonates across various audiences; from business to residential, and government to community.

The comprehensive corporate branding package included a communication audit, research and development, brand blueprint, visual identity development, a short list of potential taglines, logo, a corporate brand book, complimentary department sub-brands, corporate stationary and templates.

Consultants conducted discovery sessions with three stakeholder groups: key external stakeholders, key internal stakeholders and members of the public who attended the 2016 Neighbourhood meetings where City staff asked residents the question “What in the City of Langley creates a sense of pride and why?”. Based on the responses received from all three stakeholder groups, the City of Langley’s brand characteristics, values and story ingredients were developed.

The brand story elements identified were: genuine community, enriched by nature, creative vision and the most important point, the centre of Langley. One of the main goals of the corporate branding project was to differentiate the City from its neighbouring municipalities by creating a new brand that will take ownership of the City’s unique offerings.

 After an exhaustive nine month consultation process with City Council, staff and stakeholders, the new corporate logo amplifies the existing Coat of Arms colour palette, refreshes the City’s image and builds off existing brand capital by taking ownership of what many residents and visitors are already calling the City of Langley…Langley City.

The new corporate logo was designed to complement the existing Coat of Arms that was designated by the Chief Herald of Canada as the City’s emblem. The Coat of Arms will still be used for official Council correspondence and civic facilities. The new “LC” corporate logo was inspired by the idea to creatively rebrand the City in a simplifed way without changing the name while setting the City apart. The flowing graphical water elements that horizontally go across the “LC” represent Nicomekl River and Floodplain, one of the distinquishing geographical features unique to the City.

 After proposing a number of potential taglines as part of the comprehensive branding package, Council, staff and stakeholders agreed that the existing tagline still resonated with the community. “The Place to Be” represents the City’s ongoing vision and is now emerged in the new brand as a typographic element rather than an icon  -  “The Place to Be” yield sign.

On May 12, 2017, City staff will begin to implement the new corporate brand on external and internal brand assets, and will continue to apply the new branding over time and as replacements are required.

The new corporate brand will complement the existing Coat of Arms, define the City’s brand essence, personality and positioning while distinguishing the City from other economic regions. This significant project has effectively captured the municipal difference while being meaningful and memorable, truly making Langley City “The Place to Be”!

Media Contact:

Samantha Paulson
Communications Officer
Langley City