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Langley City Releases the 2017 – 2021 Strategic Plan At A Glance


 A Living Roadmap to Achieve Our Vision

For Immediate Release            

Langley City, BC – Langley City Council and City staff have developed a new five-year strategic plan in draft form for residents and local stakeholders to provide feedback on the City’s direction. The role of a Strategic Plan is to guide all planning processes within the City of Langley based on three fundamental elements: our vision, our mission, and our values.

“The 2017 – 2021 Strategic Plan is a living document that will guide the City over the next five years. It is a mechanism to proactively address opportunities and challenges as they arise in order to achieve our vision and mission and sustain the high quality of life that we currently enjoy”, stated Mayor Ted Schaffer. 

Building on the previous strategic plan, the City of Langley’s vision remains unchanged as “The Place to Be”, but the mission statement and key result areas have evolved to reflect the City’s current focus and priorities. The new mission statement is “A vibrant, healthy and safe community”, which is a reflection of a number of studies and plans that have been recently completed including a Community Survey, Economic Development Strategy, a Master Transportation Plan, Master Parks, Recreation and Cultural Plan, an Official Community Plan Update, a Crime Prevention Strategic Plan, and a Homelessness Strategic Plan.

Langley City Council and staff have revised the Key Result Areas to move the City’s vision forward and achieve better results.  Making progress in these Key Result Areas will define our success over the next five years and anchor our accountability to our individual and corporate citizens.

The 7 Key Results Areas:

  1. Infrastructure Renewal: We recognize the need for, and are committed to, establishing, a long-term, financially-responsible infrastructure renewal plan for all municipal assets
  2. Quality of Life:  We are a community that is an ideal place to raise a family, offers a welcoming and affordable living environment, boasts great leisure and recreational opportunities, and supports healthy, safe and diverse neighbourhoods.
  3. Communication: We communicate effectively with our citizens, customers, partners, and stakeholders, involving them in decisions which impact and interest them, and engaging them in public life. 
  4. Revitalization:  We have a revitalized downtown core that is vibrant, clean and safe, is a desirable location for industry, and our policies and strategies create a vibrant economy that position the City as the Regional Hub in the Fraser Valley for innovation, education, technology, shopping, health industry, leisure, and entertainment.     
  5. Environment: We continue to focus on protecting, promoting and enhancing environmental assets in the community.
  6. Protective Services: We maintain and foster partnerships with law enforcement agencies, community groups, neighbourhoods, and citizens to address public safety and socio-economic issues in the community.  
  7. Organizational Excellence: We stand out as a results-oriented, engaged and innovative work force with a strong service ethic and high level of customer service, and a City Council that is accessible to its citizens.

Each key focus area shares the same significance as the others in order to achieve our vision and our mission.  Our “Full-Circle” customer service will be a key ingredient for service delivery in all key focus areas.

The strategic plan will continue to evolve as goals are achieved and the needs of the community change.  Progress on the strategic plan initiatives are reported publicly in the City’s Annual Report and the departmental business plans each year.

Residents and local stakeholders are encouraged and welcomed to contribute to the development of the new strategic plan by submitting your comments by email to with the subject heading “Draft 2017-2021 Strategic Plan” by Monday, May 15, 2017. The final strategic plan will be released May 2017.

View the Strategic Plan at a Glance PDF.




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