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Metro Vancouver Water Supply Repair Project Update


Repairs will commence on March 13

Public Service Announcement
For Immediate Release

Langley, BC – The Metro Vancouver pressure-regulating valve project on the Clayton-Langley Water Main two-day operational field test was completed, but the pressure valve repairs will be delayed again due to unexpected weather conditions. Metro Vancouver valve project will now commence work on March 13 and is expected to be completed within four days.

Residents are advised that during this time, the City of Langley will receive water from the Township of Langley’s water system. Residents should not notice any change in water quality or pressure during this work however if you experience cloudy water, they are advised to let the water run until it clears. Cloudy water and changes in water taste are no cause for concern; water quality testing is regularly completed by the City of Langley and Township of Langley and Metro Vancouver to ensure water is consistently safe to drink. If you have any questions, please contact the Engineering Department at 604-514-2997 or



Media Contact:
Samantha Paulson
Communications Officer
Phone: 604.514.2823