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Nexus Langley City – a bold new vision for the city’s future


Media Release

Langley City, British Columbia – Langley City Mayor and Council voted unanimously to adopt a new vision strategy, Langley City: Nexus of Community, to guide growth and development over the next 25+ years.

The strategy recognizes Langley City’s unique opportunity to capitalize on the fixed rail rapid transit line that will arrive in the next eight to ten years. The train will be the catalyst for the vision, but the reason is people—those who are already here and those yet to come, who will bring new vitality to the city. The vision builds on the City’s existing community strengths of compact design, natural beauty and job-creating industries and aims to evolve in a bold and sustainable way.

“Rapid transit is coming to Langley City in the next decade and we want to be ready.” said Mayor Ted Schaffer, “We want to drive that change.”

The vision was informed by past consultations, demographic and development research and two workshops with participants, including Mayor and Council and a diverse group of high-level thinkers, who came together to explore the ideas of possibility and opportunity. Experts and leaders in areas like city planning, place-making, sustainability, architecture, politics, recreation and wellness, education, technology and lifestyle brought their curiosity, creativity, passion and a wealth of experience to the process.

The vision focuses on four cornerstones, Community, Connected, Experiences and Integration and within each cornerstone are supporting plans, policies and actions. A companion document identifies key recommendations for implementing the vision.

“We can become a magnet that attracts people based on our cornerstones of community, connection, experiences and integration. With this clear framework and our strong foundation in place we can fully realize our future as nexus as we are ‘the Place to Be’,” said Mayor Ted Schaffer.

View Langley City: Nexus of Community, read and download Langley City: Nexus of Community and Langley City Vision: Recommendations and Implementation Report.


Media contact:

Francis Cheung
Chief Administrative Officer
City of Langley