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Notice of New Smoking Regulation Bylaw No.2792


City of Langley has adopted new smoking regulations to comply with provincial regulations which:

  • increase the no-smoking buffer zone around all doorways, air intake and open windows to any substantially enclosed public and work places in BC to six metres (was three metres);
  • prohibit tobacco smoking in a vehicle with children under the age of 16;

and to comply with the federal government's legalization of non-medical cannabis and subsequent provincial government regulations prohibiting use of cannabis in areas frequented by children and in vehicles.

Under the provincial regulations individuals who are 19 years of age or older are generally allowed to use non-medical cannabis in public spaces where tobacco smoking and vaping are permitted. However, to minimize child and youth exposure, smoking and vaping of non-medical cannabis is banned in areas frequented by children, including parks and playgrounds.  Use of cannabis, in any form is also banned for all occupants in vehicles.

Local governments have the discretion to set additional restrictions for cannabis and/or tobacco use.

New regulations adopted under the City of Langley’s Smoking Regulation Bylaw No. 2792 include:

·         amending the definition of “smoke” or “smoking” to include cannabis and therefore prohibiting both tobacco and cannabis smoking (which includes vaping):

o   in a Building, except in:

  • a dwelling unit or sleeping unit defined under the Zoning Bylaw, including a dwelling unit in which an owner or occupier also carries on Business;
  • a hotel or motel room or suite designated for Smoking by a Responsible Person; or
  • Enclosed Premises:

-that are not open to the public; and

-where the only occupants of the Building are the owner or owners of the Business carried on in the Building;

o   in an enclosed or Partially Enclosed Shelter where people wait to board public transit;

o   within six metres of any opening into any Building, including any door or window that opens or any air intake;

o   in a Customer Service Area;

o   within six metres of the perimeter of a Customer Service Area

·         No cannabis smoking (which includes vaping) permitted:

o   in any area that may be frequented by children, including but not limited to Parks and Public Facilities

o   in a vehicle

·         No tobacco smoking (which includes vaping) permitted:

o   in a vehicle, if any occupant of the vehicle is under the age of sixteen (16) years;

o   in a vehicle for hire (taxi, limousine, bus, tow truck)

o   in parks or public facilities, except within designated smoking areas

For the full list of smoking regulations check out the City of Langley Smoking Regulation Bylaw No. 2792.