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Notice of Public Hearing - Bylaw 3200 – Official Community Plan (OCP)


Bylaw No. 3200 – Official Community Plan (OCP)

An “Official Community Plan” (OCP) is a long-term vision for shaping future population and employment growth; OCPs include a land use plan and policies that help to ensure appropriate housing and employment areas, transportation networks, schools, parks, community facilities, social, cultural and protective services, infrastructure and protected areas, among other items of local/regional importance, are provided as the community grows.   

Purpose:  Bylaw No. 3200 proposes to repeal Official Community Plan Bylaw No. 2600 and replace it with a new Official Community Plan and its Appendices, the “Nicomekl River District Neighbourhood Plan” (‘Nicomekl NP’) and “District Policies”. The creation of the new OCP and Nicomekl NP are key implementation actions arising from Council’s Nexus of Community vision, and these strategic documents chart out a vision for focusing new growth around SkyTrain, fostering a broader range of housing, enhancing social equity and quality of life, strengthening the economy, protecting the environment and reinforcing the Nicomekl River as the City’s ‘green heart’ and ecological jewel.

The subject lands affected by the new Official Community Plan and its appendices include the entire City of Langley (see map below).

The proposed Bylaw No 3200, the new Official Community Plan, Explanatory Staff Report, Nicomekl River District Neighbourhood Plan, District Policies, and Engagement Summary may be inspected online at  

Comments may be submitted by mail to: Deputy Corporate Officer c/o Langley City Hall, 20399 Douglas Crescent, Langley, B.C. V3A 4B3 or by e-mail to and must be received by no later than 12:00pm on the day of the Public Hearing. All correspondence submitted will form part of the public record and may be published in a meeting agenda.

Interested parties may also provide comments by registering to attend the electronic Public Hearing and participating in the Zoom Webinar. Click here to Register. For information and instructions on attending and participating in the electronic public hearing please review Attending the Electronic Public Hearing page for more information. 

To view the livestream click here. (link will be provided when available)

For further information, please contact:
Paula Kusack, Deputy Corporate Officer