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Request for Proposal - Community Liaison Coordinator (Consulting Services)

2:00 pm (Pacific)

The City is recruiting for a part-time contract Community Liaison Coordinator who will work on average up to 17 to 20 hours per week. 

The following is a brief summary of the roles and functions of the position:

  • The Community Liaison Coordinator works with citizens, RCMP, social service agencies, and the business community to work collaboratively to address critical social issues in the city.  The Community Liaison Coordinator is responsible for providing community based agencies with social consultative and monitoring services as it relates to the development and administration of preventive social services programs and/or conducting socio-economic evaluations, planning and developing innovative strategies for city-wide social services.
  • The Community Liaison Coordinator will develop and facilitate effective long-range planning and co-ordination of programs and projects to meet the social needs and aspirations of community services provided throughout the City.
  • The Community Liaison Coordinator will support, lead, facilitate, and implement the work plan from the Homelessness Action Table and other task groups in conjunction with pertinent City staff and external ministries, agencies and social service groups.
  • A key role of the incumbent is generating awareness and education of the broader Langley community in order to garner support to implement the strategies. The community at-large needs to better understand the issues, the City’s commitment and priorities, and find ways they can be involved. The intention is to break down misconceptions, create empathy, find new volunteers and partners, and find local champions and advocates to support initiatives that will address and prevent homelessness in Langley.

The City requires that proposals be submitted in electronic (unalterable pdf) format only. To submit a proposal electronically, e-mail the submission to Francis Cheung, Chief Administrative Officer ( The name and address of the proponent should appear on the cover email, and the cover e-mail should include the Request for Proposal title, closing date and closing time. The City will NOT accept submissions received by facsimile, courier or paper. Submissions received after the above closing date and time will not be accepted.

View the full Request for Proposal (RFP) PDF