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Volunteer Opportunity! Communities in Bloom

Fill out a Communities in Bloom application to become a Task Group Volunteer! Deadline May 31, 2018!
Langley City is looking for volunteers to participate in the Communities in Bloom Task Group to compete in the 2019 Communities in Bloom Competition after a 10-year absence.
The City first participated in 2002, partnering with Williams Lake and then went on to win nationally in 2004 for cities with a population of 20,001- 50,000 The City then partnered in the Canadian Classic Edition in 2005 with the Village of Harrison Hot Springs, and again in 2006 with District of Hope. The City competed and won the International Challenge in 2007 and completed our participation in 2008 and 2009 in the friends' category. 
Communities in Bloom judges look at and evaluate not only the municipal areas but those of businesses and residential areas in a number of different criteria throughout the city including:
Environmental Action
Heritage Conservation
Urban Forestry
Floral Design
In order to be successful Langley City is looking for volunteers to be part of a community-led task group to lead our participation in the 2019 Communities in Bloom Competition. 
Those residents and business owners who are interested in participating in the task group can complete an application and send it to Geoff Mallory at
To learn more about BC Communities in Bloom, visit