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Point of Pride Program

Point of Pride Program Logo

The City of Langley Point of Pride Program invites individuals and community groups to keep their neighbourhoods litter-free:  One Street,  One Park and One Trail at a time. The City of Langley has 422 acres of park and open space. By adopting a Street, Park or Trail volunteers can contribute to the beautification of our city. Volunteers with the Point of Pride Program get out, get active and get connected with the community. Adopting an area reduces the litter pick-up costs which saves money, makes a visible impact on the environment and builds community pride.

Roles, Responsibilities, and Tasks:  

Individuals and groups will be assigned a specific street, park or trail according to their preferences

  • Participants will be provided with litter bags, tongs, and gloves
  • Participants may: pick up litter, clear waterways (under DFO direction)
  • Participants must notify City of Langley staff if they find any hazards, graffiti or broken equipment
  • Be familiar with the assigned area and boundaries

Schedule and Commitment:

  • Individuals will commit to a minimum number of hours per month based on their availability 
  • A volunteer time log will be maintained and submitted monthly to the volunteer coordinator

Skills, Experience & Other Requirements:

  • Able to access the adopted area
  • Verbal communication skills
  • Have a good attitude
  • Able to take initiative

Setting & Location:

The location will vary depending on availability and volunteer preference.

Orientation, Training & Other Supports Provided:

  • Will be provided with trash bags, litter pickers and gloves
  • Recreation Supervisor will be available to answer questions or give advice
  • A letter of recommendation will be provided following volunteer service
  • Signage recognition for individuals and groups will be provided after six months of recorded activity

For a map of available locations please click here

For an application form please click here