Active Aging

Registration for Spring & Summer 2017 programs starts Thursday March 30! Whether you are looking for social opportunities, fitness classes, dance programs, photography or sports... there is something for all ages, abilities and interests. Register in person: Timms Community Centre- 20399 Douglas Crescent or Douglas Recreation Centre- 20550 Douglas Crescent Register by Phone: 604-514-2940 or 604-514-2865  or Register Online

Looking for more activities in Langley, view the Langley Advance 55+ Senior Directory 2017!

Registered Fitness Programs

The City of Langley Recreation, Culture & Community Services Department is pleased to offer a wide range of registered programs for the Active Aging population.  All fitness programs are led by BCRPA certified fitness instructors with specialization in 3rd Age and Osteofit.  These programs are not offered as drop-in programs, registration is required!  For a full list of programs visit our online registration.

Get Up & Go

This program was created in collaboration with Fraser Health Falls Prevention Initiative, Fraser Health Specialized Geriatric Clinics and Osteofit BC.  Designed to improve strength, balance, coordination and functional ability through gentle exercises all done in a chair.  Get Up & Go is suitable for those with mobility impairments and or physical limitations.  Pre-registration is required.

Get Up & Go Level 1- beginners

Mondays & Wednesdays  11:10am-12:10pm    Timms Community Centre - MPR 3  

#9170  May 24 - June 28   11 sessions/ $66 +gst 

#9171  July 10 - Aug.2     8/ $48 +gst 


Get Up & Go Level 2 - Intermediate level *must have instructor permission to register.

Mondays & Wednesdays   10:00am - 11:00am    Timms  Community Centre - MPR 3

#9173  May 24 - June 28   11 sessions/$66 +gst

#9174  July 10 - Aug.2    8 sessions/$48 +gst


 Get Up & Go Level 3 - Introduction to Osteofit  *must have instructor permission to register.

Mondays & Wednesdays   12:15pm - 1:15pm   Timms  Community Centre - MPR 3

#9178  May 24 - June 28   11 sessions/$66 +gst

#9181  July 10 - Aug.2     8 sessions/$48 +gst






This Community-based exercise program was developed to increase access to exercise and physical activity for people with physical disability.  TIME specifically targets those who have difficulty walking due to balance and mobility challenges brought on by Stroke, MS or other chronic illness.  Participants must be able to wak a minimum of 10 meters with or without a walking aid.  Each hour long class involves a seated warm-up followed by task-related exercises to improve function and mobility for daily living.  With a 4:1 participant/instructor ratio, each individual particpant will be supported to work at their own level of diffuculty to match their ability.

Not currently available for registration.


Developed by BC Women's Hospital Falls this advanced fall prevention program is ideal for individuals with low bone density or at risk for falls and fractures.  Specific exercises in combination with medication and proper nutrition is a proven effective treatment option for people with Osteoporosis.  Please note that this program is not restricted to those who have been diagnosed with Osteoporosis, exercises are safe and beneficial for all.

Osteofit Level 1- Suitable for those new to exercise.  No floor work or cardio training involved.  Emphasis is on building muscle strength and balance.

Wednesdays    2-3pm   Timms Community Centre - MPR 2      Instructor:  Bonny

#9435     May 10 - June 28     8 sessions/ $56+gst    REGISTER ON-LINE

#9436     July 5 - Aug.9      6 sessions/ $42 +gst   REGISTER ON-LINE


Osteofit For Life-  designed for those who have completed Osteofit Level 1 or a similar group fitness or weight training program.  This class involves mat work and cardio training- participants must be comfortable getting to and from the floor and able to walk without assistance.

Tues & Thurs     10:15-11:15am     Timms Community Centre - Fitness Room     

#9425   June 13 - July 6   8/$56 +gst    REGISTER ON-LINE       Instructor:  Carol

#9426  July 11 - Aug.3  8/$56 +gst    REGISTER ON-LINE         Instructor- Carol



 Zumba Adapted

Designed for beginners, the active older adult and those with cognitive and/or physical challenges.  This low impact dance fitness class is friendly and fun.  Participants will learn easy steps to move with the music using their own abilities.  Drop-ins welcome if space permits $3/visit.

Wednesdays  1:15pm - 2:00pm   Timms Community Centre - Fitness Room    Instructor:  Cecilia

#9250   May 3 - June 28   9 sessions / $22.50 +gst   REGISTER ON-LINE

#9251   July 5 - Aug.23   8 sessions/$20 +gst   REGISTER ON-LINE











This program is a partnership between the Alzheimer Society of British Columbia and the City of Langley.  Minds in Motion is a fitness and social/activity program for people with early symptoms of Alzheimer's disease or another dementia to enjoy with a friend or family member. At Minds in Motion you will:

-stay active

-meet and socialize with others living with dementia

-get involved in activities such as board or word games, bingo, ping pong or other games

-have access to information about dementia and services as needed

 This 2 hour program will include:

- 45 minute low impact fitness class

- 1 hour social/ activity time with light refreshments


Mondays   9:45-11:30am     Timms Community Centre - MPR 1

#9437   May 29 - June 26      5 sessions/ $25 +gst  REGISTER ON-LINE

#9438  July 10 - Aug.21    6 sessions/$30 +gst   REGISTER ON-LINE




Gentle Yoga follows the Hatha Yoga principles focusing on a healthy mind-body connection but goes through the various body positions at a slower pace with gentle movements and mindfulness.  This class emphasizes safety and is open to all levels- especially beginners.  Classes will consist of breathing techniques, strengthening standing poses, floor work, stretching and relaxation.  Drop-ins welcome if space permits $10/visit.

Mondays   4:45pm-5:45pm    Timms Community Centre -Fitness Room

#9422    May 1 -  June 26   8 sessions/$56 +gst   REGISTER ON-LINE    Instructor:  Bonny

#9424    July 10- Aug.21   6 sessions/ $42 +gst    REGISTER ON-LINE    Instructor:  Carol


Tuesdays  9:00am- 10:00am    Timms Community Centre - Fitness Room

#9525    May 9 - June 27    8 sessions/$56 +gst   REGISTER ON-LINE    Instructor:  Bonny

#9526    July 4 - Aug.1      5 sessions/$35 +gst     REGISTER ON-LINE   Instructor:  Carol



Restorative Yoga is a healing and recuperative experience that uses props to support the body while holding restorative non-standing poses to achieve a deep level of relaxation.  Restorative Yoga allows participants to disconnect from the frantic activity of daily life and helps prepare the mind and body for meditation and deep awareness.  The slower pace and deep breathing in Restorative Yoga helps calm the nervous system and increase body awareness while slowing down and opening the body through passive stretching for extended periods of time.  To keep the body warm, participants are encouraged to wear layers and bring a light blanket if desired for the relaxation portion.  No previous Yoga experience needed- beginners welcome!

Mondays  10:00am- 11:15am    Timms Community Centre- MPR 2 

#9427     May 8 - June 26          7 sessions/ $59.50     REGISTER ON-LINE   Instructor:  Gaylene

#9428    July 10 - July 31       4 sessions/$34 +gst    REGISTER ON-LINE     Instructor:  Gaylene



This gentle form of yoga is parcticed sitting on a chair or standing and using a chair for support.  Chair yoga is a great form of exercise for everyone as it deepens flexibiity and strengthens body awareness no matter what your age or ability level.  This is an all-level class appropriate for those who have never taken yoga before as well as experienced practioners.

Wednesdays    3:15-4:15pm   Timms Community Centre - MPR 2      Instructor:  Bonny

#9433     May 10 - June 28        8 sessions /$56 +gst       REGISTER ON-LINE

#9434    July 5 - Aug.9      6 sessions/ $49 +gst    REGISTER ON-LINE




Social Programs

The City of Langley Recreation, Culture & Community Services Department hosts a variety of social programs for Seniors looking to learn something new, meet new people or just get out of the house!

Social Bridge Club

The Timms Social Bridge Club wants you!  Join this fun-loving group for an afternoon of slightly competitive bridge!  Snacks, how beverages and great conversation is all part of the fun.  This club is for those with knowledge and understanding of how to play Bridge... previous experience is required.  Free with valid Games and Track Annual Pass ($10/year).  Please phone for information - 604-514-2940

Social Bridge Meeting Dates & Times:

Mondays, Fridays, Saturdays     1:00pm-4:00pm    Timms Community Centre

Drop-ins welcome!

Walking Club

Join this recreational walking group for a social walk around our City.  This group walks rain or shine so dress for the weather!  No pre-registration necessary- just show up with your walking gear and a positive attitude.  Pets are welcome but some of the trails may not be suitable for strollers and scooters.  Phone:  604-514-2940

Meeting Dates & Times

Meet at Langley City Hall Lobby (20399 Douglas Crescent)

September - May:  9:00am-10:00am   June-August:  8:30am-9:30am

Food & Friends Social Luncheons (50+yrs)

Enjoy great food and great conversation at the Food & Friends Social.  Sponsored by the City of Langley and Langley Meals on Wheels, you will enjoy a delicious, nutritious lunch for only $5!  Guest speakers from the community will be invited to share information on a variety of topics and services in our community.  Reserve your spot... 604-514-2940 or register on-line.

Locations, Dates & Times:

Flourishing Chinese Seafood Restaurant:  2nd & 4th Wednesday of each month   11:30am-1pm

April 12          REGISTER ON-LINE

April 26          REGISTER ON-LINE


Douglas Recreation Centre:  2nd & 4th Monday of each month  11:30am-1:00pm

March 27        REGISTER ON-LINE

April 10           REGISTER ON-LINE

April 24           REGISTER ON-LINE


Partnership Programs

The City of Langley is pleased to be a partner with a variety of agencies and organizations who offer quality programs and activities for Seniors in our community.  These services are free and/or low-cost for Seniors who require assistance, information or just want to get involved in something that matters.

Seniors Week 2017

Celebrate Seniors Week June 1-7!  There are many free and low-cost activities and events all week long throughout Langley.  Sign up for your free Active Legacy Pass now- your V.I.P access to all the programs and events.

Active Legacy Passes are available at:  Timms Community Centre - 20399 Douglas Crescent starting May 1 2017!

Check out the Seniors Week Calendar of events   /SENIORS WEEK BROCHURE 2017

Langley Seniors Community Action Table

The Langley Seniors Community Action Table (LSCAT) is a group of community members, service organizations and agencies who have come together to facilitate seniors' mobilization, leadership and involvement in our community.
The LSCAT also seeks to support citizens and service organizations to collaboratively recognize and respond to local issues and opportunities, share information and resources, build partnerships and create a common place from which to act as a collective voice for seniors in Greater Langley. We are actively seeking new members.... if you are senior looking for a way to become involved in your community and take some action in resolving some of the issues Seniors in our community are facing, please check us out!

Everyone Welcome!  Please contact Lynda Brummitt for more information:
@ Langley Seniors Resource Centre
Click Here for 2014-2015 Workplan

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