Youth drop-in programs are open to all 12-17 year-olds.  No pre-registration necessary, just buy a Games & Track Pass for $10.00 each; drop-in and join the fun! Games & Track Pass are valid for one year. Some events and programs may require a special fee.   For more information contact: Thomas @ 604-514-2999 or email:

Youth Night

FREE with a valid Games & Track Pass ($10.00/year)
YOUTH ONLY! The Timms games room is closed to the public and give the youth an opportunity to come and hang out with their friends for the night! Come join in our games, tournaments, group cooking and dinners, crafts, and much more! Or just come in and play some pool or video games with your buddies!
Every Saturday
7:00pm - 10:00pm @ Timms Community Centre - 20399 Douglas Crescent
Open to youth ages 12-17 years


March 4th: Games night with snacks, drinks, and more!

March 11th: Gym games all night! British Bulldog, James Bond, and Gauntlet, to name a few.

March 18th: Dinner Night! French bread pizzas for everyone.

March 25th: Crazy games and contest night.



April 1st: April Fools Day! Come hang out for some awesome games and hijinks.

April 8th: Contest night featuring sumo ball, paper maze, and more!

April 15th: Dinner night! Hamburgers for everyone.

April 22nd: Snacks and relax night -- video games, chips, candy, and more.

April 29th: Games night - bring your running shoes!

Youth Week 2017

Youth Week is coming up fast! One week of free (and awesome) community events for youth age 12-17, taking place from May 1st-7th.


Saturday, April 15th: Krispy Kreme Fundraiser


Timms Community Centre

Help us raise money for our youth week events by getting your greasy mitts on some donuts - only $10 per dozen! Download pre-order form here.

Limited quantity - pre-ordering is recommended.



Monday, May 1st: Community Garden Planting


H.D. Stafford Middle School

Volunteer to help build H.D. Stafford's first community garden!

Free food, good people, and good times.


Wednesday, May 3rd: 3 on 3 Basketball Tournament


Timms Community Centre

Prizes for the winners, good times for everyone!

Interested in participating? Team registration forms can be downloaded here.


Thursday, May 4th: Art Show and Art Battle


Timms Community Centre - City Hall Lobby

Free for anyone to attend! Anyone age 12-17 can show their art or participate in the art battle.

Contact Thomas at 604-514-2999 or youth if you're interested in participating or if you have any questions.


Friday, May 5th:  Amazing Race


Start and end at Timms Community Centre

No cars allowed! Race around Langley, beat the other teams, and win an immediate pizza party at Me `N`Ed`s.

Contact Thomas at 604-514-2999 or youth if you're interested in participating  or if you have any questions.


Saturday, May 6th: Carnival


Timms Community Centre

Fun bouncers, food, games, contests, prizes, candy... the list goes on.



Sunday, May 7th: Langley Walk - Youth Booth


Willoughby Community Centre

Games, activities, free food, and more.




Krispy Kreme Fundraiser


The City of Langley Youth Committee is hosting a Kripsy Kreme Fundraiser to raise money for Youth Week 2017.

Saturday, April 15th


Timms Community Centre


Only $10 per dozen! Download pre-order form here.

Limited quantity - pre-ordering is recommended.

Girls Night

FREE Drop-In with a valid Games & Track Pass ($10.00/year)
You might call it Girls Night; I call it therapy! Enjoymaking crafts, cooking, baking, playing games, chatting, dancing, yelling, eating too much candy, getting really hyper, and having a sugar crash later in the evening! Grab your best friends and check it out.
Every Thursday from 6:30pm - 8:30pm @ Timms Comunity Centre - 20399 Eastleigh Crescent
Girls age 12-17.



March 2nd: Art night featuring pastel sketches and more.

March 9th: Fajitas!

March 16th: Fun night - fort building, games, and painting.

March 23rd: Tea party night!

March 30th: Dance night.



April 6th: GIRLS VS GUYS EASTER NIGHT! Contests, candy, and more!

April 13th: Sloppy joes!

April 20th: Crayon melting art and good times with awesome people.

April 27th: Games, sports, and slurpees.

Guys Night

FREE Drop-In with a valid Games & Track Pass ($10.00/year)
Let's face it: girls are awesome, but so is time spent with your buddies. We've got free food. We've got drinks. We've got video games, pool tournaments, barbecues, field trips, and more. So give your best bros a call and bring them to Timms Community Centre for some quality guy time. 
Thursdays, 6:30-8:30pm, Timms Community Centre.

Boys age 12-17.



April 6th: GIRLS VS GUYS EASTER NIGHT! Contests, candy, and more!

April 13th: Contest night - dare jenga, six pin, and more.

April 20th: Dinner night - taquitos!

April 27th: Retro games night featuring Nintendo 64 and snacks!


May 4th: NO GUYS NIGHT - Cancelled for Youth Week 2017.

May 11th: Chill night featuring video games and board games.

May 18th: Dinner night -- sloppy joes!

May 25th: Manhunt at Douglas Park.

Out Trips

Contact Thomas at 604-514-2999 or for registration information.

Return all permission forms with payment to Timms Community Centre.


Teapot Hill Hike

Friday, March 24th


Pickup and dropoff: Timms Community Centre

Transportation: Rental Van


Permission form here.


Extreme Air Park

Saturday, April 22nd


Pickup and dropoff: Timms Community Centre

Transportation: Rental Van


Permission form here.

After 3

Attention H.D. Stafford Middle School Students! Come check out our After 3 program that happens each week AT YOUR SCHOOL! We offer something for everyone -- games, sports, cooking, crafts, and sometimes, just getting crazy and noisy.

Wednesdays @ HD Stafford Middle School in Room 134

3:00pm - 4:30pm

Open to anyone grade 6-8.



March 1st: Monopoly and other awesome games.

March 8th: Outdoor games! Bring your running shoes...

March 15th and 22nd: NO AFTER 3: SPRING BREAK

March 29th: Games and snacks and more.



April 5th: Cooking day featuring pigs in a blanket!

April 12th: Easter egg hunt!

April 19th: Craft day!

April 26th: Manuhunt, capture the flag, and more!



May 3rd: NO AFTER 3 - Cancelled for Youth Week

May 10th: Outdoor games including sardines, cat and mouse, and hide and seek!

May 17th: Cooking day - pancakes!

May 24th: Board games day - Ticket to Ride, Catan, and more.

May 31st: Frisbee golf and california kickball!

Youth Council

Volunteer hours! Check.

Great friendships? Check.

Free food? CHECK.


Join the 2016-2017 City of Langley Youth Council!


What does the Youth Council do?

We advise City Council about current youth issues, make recommendations on youth strategies, help organize youth events in your community, and have a blast while doing it.


What do I need to know?

Youth Council is open for anyone in grade 7-12.

Membership runs from October through June.

Meetings are held the 1st Thursday of each month at 3:30pm at City Hall (20399 Douglas Crescent)

Our first meeting is scheduled for October 6th, 2016, 3:30-4:30pm at City Hall.

In June, you'll receive an official reference letter from the Youth Recreation Leader of the CIty of Langley.


Sounds great - I'm in!

If you're interested in this fantastic opportunity, fill out an application form and return it to Thomas Nyte - Youth Recreation Leader ( at Timms Community Centre.

For more information, contact Thomas @ 604.514.2999 or


Jam Night

We're very excited to announce Jam Night -- one evening a week for young musicians to hang out, write music, collaborate, and be noisy!


FREE with Games & Track Pass


Age 12-17

Timms Community Centre -- Multipurpose Room 4

Instruments provided, but feel free to bring your own smaller instruments!




Free Drop-In Basketball

FREE basketball for Youth age 12-17. Play pickup, shoot around, or just hang out and have a good time!




FREE with valid Games & Track Pass -- available at Timms Community Centre for $10/year.

Timms Community Centre



Registered Programs

Spring & Summer Registration is now open!>


Babysitter Training (11-16yrs)


Developed by the Canadian Safety Council, this course teaches the most up to date information concerning childcare and safety.  Course content includes:  basic first-aid, emergency procedures, safety, nutrition and responsibilities.  Learn tons of fun games and activities making you the most popular babysitter on the block!  Price includes manual and certificate (upon completion of the program).

#9711   Sundays      June 4 - June 25    10:00am-12:00pm     Timms Community Centre - Weight Room

              4/$48      REGISTER ON-LINE


#9712    Tu, We,Thu,Fri      11:00am - 1:00pm     Aug.15 - Aug.18      Timms Community Centre - Weight Room

           4/$48      REGISTER ON-LINE

Teen Pump (13-16yrs)

Teen Pump (13-16yrs)

Learn the safe and effective techniques in Weight Training for teens.  With proper guidance, youth will learn how to build strength, define their muscles and prevent injuries while using a variety of strength and cardio equipment.  Each particiant will receive an individualized training plan based on their individual goals.  Youth who successfully complete the Teen Pump program will be permitted into the Timms Community Centre Weight Room without adult supervision.

#9700    Teen Pump For Girls     Thursdays     May 4 - May 25       Timms Community Centre - Weight Room

           4/$45     REGISTER ON-LINE


#9701    Teen Pump For Boys    Saturdays      June 3 - June 24       Timms Community Centre - Weight Room

          4/$45   REGISTER ONLINE

#9702    Teen Pump -COED    Tu, We,Th, Fr      July 18-21        Timms Community Centre - Weight Room

          4/$45    REGISTER ON-LINE





Yoga (14+yrs)


Hatha Yoga focuses on healthy mind-body connection.  Learn how to control your breathing to improve oxygenation of the body and alleviate stress.  Practice various body positions (Asanas) designed to improve health and over-all wellness. Introductory program is for beginners and anyone familiar with Yoga but enjoys the slower pace of an introductory class.

Wednesdays     6:45pm - 8:00pm     Timms Community Centre - Fitness Room

#9209     May 3 - June 21     8/$60+gst        REGISTER ON-LINE

#9211    July 5 - August 16   7/$52.50+gst   REGISTER ON-LINE



Intermediate classes are designed for those with previous yoga experience.  Challenge yourself to learn more advanced poses and breathing techniques while improving your mental and physical stamina.  Drop-ins welcome if space permits $10/visit.

Wednesdays     5:15pm - 6:30pm     Timms Community Centre - Fitness Room

#9210     May 3 - June 21     8/$60+gst        REGISTER ON-LINE

#9213    July 5 - August 16   7/$52.50+gst   REGISTER ON-LINE





Kidsport Langley

Have you (or someone you know) always wanted to play a sport but can't afford the registration fees?  Kidsport Langley wants to make sure no kids get left on the sidelines.  All kids should be given the opportunity to play sports which is why KidSport Langley will pay up to $300 for youth (18 years & under) to participate in sport. The application process is easy, visit KIDSPORT LANGLEY for more information on how to apply or how to help.



Langley City Hall

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Phone 604 514 2800   Fax 604 530 4371

Hours of operation:
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In the event of an after-hours emergency (such as a water main break, flood or critical service disruption) standby operations personnel can be notified through Surrey Fire Dispatch at 604 534 3496