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Every quarter the Langley RCMP reports to Langley City Council at Regular Council Meeting and releases a Quarterly Report to update Council and the public on their efforts. The Quarterly Report is to demonstrate the accountability of the RCMP in several key areas and to provide an overview of the different priorities that have been established for this fiscal year. This report will showcase the tremendous work that your policing team continues to provide the citizens of the City of Langley including meaningful statistical data. The frameworks of accountability and transparency are key components in policing and a necessity with our external partners. This report is divided into 3 main categories; Proactive Community Policing, Priority- Setting and Performance Reporting. These priorities are established on both the local and provincial level. An open report will be produced and distributed once at the end of every quarter.

Key Goals and Objectives

• The vision for policing in this community is Consultative, accountable and proactive.
• One of the main key areas of focus in the City is homelessness. The community liaison officers are fully engaged with city staff to curtail homeless individuals and address the longer term issue of homelessness. Senior managers are personally involved and committed to the joint task force with the community and city officials
• The Langley RCMP has been active in participating with Langley City’s efforts to review crime reduction


Langley RCMP Quarterly Report (Q1) - April 1 - June 30, 2017



Our Mission:

The Langley RCMP is dedicated to protect the citizens of Langley through the prevention and reduction of crime in partnership with our community.

The ultimate goal of any police service is to make safe our homes and neighborhoods. Our team at the Langley RCMP Detachment is certainly committed to this goal. Our mission as we move forward includes crime prevention and crime reduction in partnership with our community.

Today, more than ever, crime has become increasingly complex and multi-jurisdictional in nature. In order to maximize our effectiveness, we need to provide an integrated police service in partnership with other police agencies and community partners.

We understand that we must use our resources in a strategic manner so that the most pressing issues in our communities get addressed. Policing priorities for the City and Township of Langley include property crimes, drugs, youth, traffic, and police visibility/partnerships. We will be presenting the Langley Detachment Strategic Plan on this website detailing how we will go about tackling these priorities.

Our detachment is fully engaged in a crime reduction strategy that targets repeat offenders, crime hot spots and crime drivers. Reducing crime is not simply a police problem, but rather a community one. In order to achieve any measure of success that includes long-term, sustainable results, the police, citizens, community agencies, local businesses, local government, neighboring police services and the courts need to work together.

In addition to our regular members and staff, the Langley RCMP Detachment is complimented by a tremendous group of more than 300 volunteers in a multitude of programs including Victim Services, Crime Watch, Speed Watch, Block Watch, Auxiliary Policing, and staffing our Community Police Offices.

We feel fortunate for the tremendous support from the City and Township of Langley. We are confident to meet the challenges before us and we are proud to be serving your community.

Police Resources:

Community Police Office, 20408 Douglas Crescent, Langley, BC, V3A 4B4
Phone (604) 514-2870, Fax (604) 530-4422

Langley Detachment Web Site

Royal Canadian Mounted Police please visit their official website.

Langley City Hall

20399 Douglas Crescent   Langley  BC  V3A 4B3
Phone 604 514 2800   Fax 604 530 4371

Hours of operation:
Monday -  Friday   8:30am  -  4:30pm

In the event of an after-hours emergency (such as a water main break, flood or critical service disruption) standby operations personnel can be notified through Surrey Fire Dispatch at 604 534 3496